Beezie Glassworks is..

Functional Art For Your Home

Susanne Harris is the artist behind Charleston, South Carolina based Beezie Glassworks. She designs and creates custom fused glass drawer pulls and cabinet knobs along with mirrors, picture frames, and wine stoppers. Each piece is hand-crafted. Her top priority is to create pieces that her customers will love, whether custom hardware for a remodeled kitchen, a set of handles to make over an old dresser, a personalized mirror for a nursery, or a wine stopper for the perfect hostess gift. 

The nature of handcrafted glass art is that no two pieces are the same. These slight variations and inconsistencies make for a truly unique purchase.

The glass fusing process involves cutting sheets of glass, compiling pieces into the desired design, and then fusing (melting) them together at a precise temperature schedule over many hours to achieve the desired effect. Beezie pieces typically require two firings, which can total over 20 hours firing time and reach temperatures around 1500 degrees during the firing process. Orders typically take 3 weeks to fulfill. It's a long and detailed process--a true labor of love.