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Bottom line--I'm obsessed with glass and have been since 2003 when I visited my sister who was living in Italy at the time. We took a boat from Venice to the island of Murano to tour one of the famed glass blowing factories, and the rest, as they say, is history. I was mesmerized by the glass artists blowing elaborate glass vases and amazed when they tossed imperfect creations into the trash. 

I considered dumpster diving after those discarded treasures but thought better of it. What I witnessed that day on that tiny Italian island would change my path for good. When I got home I packed my bags and headed west from Charleston to Austin, Texas, where I took a glass blowing class followed by a number of glass fusing classes. I spent seven wonderful years there, perfecting my art while soaking up the scene and the "Keep Austin Weird" culture. When not working on my glass skills, I was listening to live music, running around Town Lake, cruising my favorite West 6th Street watering holes with friends, and scouring the city for the world’s best breakfast taco. I had a fun run in Austin, but family and the call of the South Carolina beaches beckoned me back east in 2011, and Charleston is now home again.

Murano ignited my passion for glass, Austin cultivated it, and in Charleston I have focused on building a business creating innovative fused glass hardware for homes. I love creating custom pieces to compliment a customer's individual home aesthetic.

P.S. Beezie is my nickname. It was a moniker bestowed on me at birth, and it stuck...

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